Fire Ruin Fury Large.jpg

A harrowing, gritty road novel.  

A journey to the future of America beset by climate change and ecological degradation. 

The earth didn’t warm up a few degrees, cause some discomfort, and go back to normal.  It got warmer, more volatile, and it stayed that way for a century.  Droughts, superstorms, floods, and fires.  The social and political fabric frays.  Economic tailspins, famines, pandemics, and mass migrations.   Humanity strains—rich and poor, urban and rural, every race, secular and religious.

The first book in the Embers Saga, this epic novel depicts a vivid struggle as it explores human loyalty in times of stress.   It is a cautionary—but ultimately uplifting—tale of how future generations may live, love, fight, and survive.